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Remember: If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, they are more likely to call or talk to you with a concern than call the township or police.

Noise is the NUMBER 1 complaint from neighbors of college students.

Reasons Why Neighbors Complain

  1. Colleen is passed out in a neighbor’s driveway.
  2. Amanda won’t stop setting off fireworks.
  3. Mike urinated on Ms. Ewing’s Azaleas.
  4. Kyle’s stereo can be heard two blocks down.
  5. Tiffany just backed into someone’s car.
  6. Kafele parked his jeep, blocking the next-door neighbors’ driveway.
  7. Colleen, Amanda, Mike, Kyle, Tiffany, and Kafele are talking loudly as they cut through private property on their way back to campus.