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Additional Tips

When Searching for Rentals

  • Determine your finances. Find out if the rent includes utilities or if they, along with internet and cable and phone services, are extra.
  • Look at the neighborhood; make sure it is safe. Would you be able to walk by yourself during the day and feel comfortable?
  • Determine the security of your house. Is there a security system? Do all exterior doors have deadbolts?
  • Determine the length of your commute, and whether or not you will be walking, bicycling or driving.
  • Talk to current tenants, if possible.
  • Make a checklist of requirements or other things you are looking for and bring them to each rental you look at.
  • Meet with the landlord and read over the lease very carefully: determine financial and any other responsibilities, etc.


  • Always ask to see company ID for service/utility people.
  • Make sure that you and your roommates are on the same page regarding security— you are only as safe as they are.
  • Invest in renter’s insurance.
  • During your pre move-in walk-through take photographs, and insist on a move-out walk-through with your landlord. Ask them to sign a note if they determine your apartment is clean. Take pictures upon your move out— it will make it easier to contest if your security deposit is not refunded.
    Know what the landlord can charge for in terms of damage in regards to your security deposit. They may not charge you for ordinary wear and tear (faded paint, leaky faucets).